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Company Values:

Indiana Boxcar Corporation is an operator of Class III shortline railroads, with locations across the Midwest and Appalachian regions. We maintain and provide freight rail service along railroad branch lines, which connect to the nationwide networks, but are primarily focused on the “last mile,” for final delivery of railcars to customers. Having been involved in the shortline railroad industry for over 30 years, we leverage our experience to find solutions for our customers, including freight rail service, equipment procurement, and industrial development. Bring your business to one of our rail lines, and we will make the competitive advantage of shortline railroad service a reality.

Please follow the links in this section of the website for each one of our railroad operations to learn about the locations we serve and our current capabilities. In addition, we offer other value-added services, which are described in the “What We Do” tabs.

At Indiana Boxcar Corporation, we value safety as the prerequisite for everything else we do. Our people are our most important asset. With those things in mind, we strive to provide reliable, flexible, and responsive service to our customers, large and small alike.