Freight Rail Service

Indiana Boxcar Corporation offers freight rail service along its tracks in four separate locations across the Midwest and Appalachian regions. Our crews operate locomotives to interchange, or hand-off points, with the nationwide Class I railroad systems, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway. The incoming railcars are then delivered to the various customer facilities located along the track for loading or unloading. After this is complete, our crews will pull the cars (with proper billing if the cars are loaded) from the customers’ facilities, and hand them off to either CSX or Norfolk Southern for cross-country shipment.

All four of Indiana Boxcar Corporation’s railroad operations are listed as Class III “shortline” railroads. The shortline advantage is convenience: rail service, including switching frequency, can be adjusted according to customer needs, and the freight bill for any railcar is consolidated into a single document processed directly by the larger Class I railroads, which handle the traffic over the majority of its overall route. We are the “last mile” of your rail shipment.

Please visit the individual pages for each of our four railroads to learn more about how we can work to meet your rail transportation needs.